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WELCOME to Extinction Rebellion Wimborne


We are locals. We are just like you. We are teachers, medical workers, admin staff, parents, grandparents, conservationists, lawyers, business owners, retired people. 

We’re angry about the Climate and Ecological Emergency and hopeful for a better future.

What do we do?

Extinction Rebellion Wimborne specialises in headline grabbing, peaceful, non-disruptive local actions designed to communicate vital messages about the climate and ecological emergencies to the widest possible audience. Our actions are always preliaised with the police.


We need to change the national conversation so our Government has no choice but to protect all our futures.


We are doing something about it.


Are you ready to join us?

Upcoming Events

Want to join the rebellion? Find out what's coming up in Wimborne on our events calendar. We aim to be regularly visible in the town, so find an upcoming action to get involved with soon!

Wessex Water End Sewage Pollution Now

In 2022 Wessex Water dumped raw sewage 21,878 times - including the River Stour at Wimborne - and paid £63.5m in dividends to shareholders. Check out our campaign to hold them accountable.

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