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Wessex water protests

Extinction Rebellion Wimborne’s Pink Rebels have been protesting against Wessex Water’s discharge of raw sewage into waterways and the sea - and in particular the River Stour - since December 2020. 

Raw sewage destroys nature and endangers human health.

Wessex Water dumped sewage in the Stour 531 times in 2022.

Figures released by the Environment Agency show that water companies in England and Wales dumped raw sewage into rivers at least 375,000 times in 2022 according to analysis by Top of the Poops. Only 14% of English rivers are of good ecological standard


Wessex Water pay millions to shareholders.

Raw sewage is dumped because water companies haven’t updated the ageing sewage network. Instead they pay millions to shareholders and in bonuses to directors and managers. 


Wimborne’s First Ever Human Poo Chain.

We staged a protest with a sense of humour, “Wimborne’s first ever Human Poo Chain” in August. Campaigners and members of the public held placards with synonyms for the word “poo” such as “poop”, “plops”, “turds”, “doo-doo”, “bowel movements”, and “big jobs” and sang poo-themed songs. 


Join us.

Wear a pink hazmat, hand out leaflets, outreach to the public … or help behind the scenes. We have roles for everyone.

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